Friday, December 31, 2010


It's true. We are having a BABY! It by far was the greatest Christmas gift we received this year! Christmas Eve we found out that we are Pregnant! We weren't exactly expecting it, so we were very surprised but SO excited! It definitely has not yet hit me that we are having a baby, but I am sure in time that it will! Since we spent this Christmas in Georgia with my Dad, he was the next to know! Then we told the rest of our family. Most of my friends don't currently know the news yet. We are putting it on hold for just a few more weeks once we get out of the high-risk zone! We plan to make it officially public at my 12 week mark! We found out when I was just at 5 weeks! So it's still very early, and we are still very hopeful that everything will turn out great at our first OB appointment that is scheduled for January 28th. I will then be 9 weeks. I will continue posting week to week however, and once we are at 12 weeks this blog will become a bit more public!

Again, we couldn't be more excited about adding an additional Brandon to our family. We feel so blessed that it happened this way and could not be more excited and hopeful!

we are looking forward to the next 8 Months we have ahead of us and can't wait for the adventure!