Monday, January 17, 2011

8 weeks!

I have meant to update my blog once a week to talk about each individual week and how it's been going. However, I haven't felt much different since the last time I posted! Which is probably why I haven't been so good at posting. As I am sure since I am now 8 weeks I will start feeling a little bit of a difference week by week so I will try my hardest to keep up on my weekly updates! Now, my baby is the size of a raspberry! Still sounds so small but so exciting from when I first heard it being the size of a sesame seed!! :)

I can't even believe how much I love this baby already! It's amazing to know how much that love can grow through the entire 9 months of pregnancy until the moment I get to hold this sweet little baby in my arms! Aside from the excitement, I have definitely felt some of the worries as well! I never knew I would worry so much before my first appointment! Unfortunately my first appointment got postponed up until the 1st of February. Only a few days after my original one I had made. I will be 10 weeks from my estimation by then and hoping and praying for the absolute best outcome and can't even begin to express my excitement for the first time I will get to see that little baby and hear it's heartbeat!

How have I been feeling?

Well, pretty great actually. Alot better than expected. That's for sure. I have felt very slight nausea. But little to none. The only time I felt a little nausea was when i was around 6 weeks and it was very mild and nothing that Ginger Ale couldn't take care of. So either I am the lucky 25% of women that don't experience much Morning Sickness or it has not yet hit me and when it does I am sure it will hit me with a vengeance! I have however experience the pure exhaustion. It seems I have to take a nap daily now and I never used to need that. I am always tired, and hungry usually every 2-3 hours. I also have my lovely mood swings that my poor husband has to deal with. Hopefully those will pass soon!! Other than that I feel great. I will try to post some pics soon, even tho there really is not much to show yet!!