Tuesday, May 24, 2011

26 weeks!

It's been a few weeks, but we have been traveling pretty much this entire month so please excuse my slack-ness!!

I can not believe how fast things have now been starting to go. It really seems like just yesterday that I just found out I was pregnant. Now, I have 14 weeks to go. I can't really even believe it but I am getting so anxious! In just about 3 months I will be meeting this little boy of mine! Yet, I still have so so much to do so I am quite ok with the time!!

I have been feeling fabulous. Sometimes I forget im pregnant until he kicks me with a friendly reminder. OR, until I try bending over which seems to become more and more of a challenge every day! My belly is obviously growing, and the weight it being gained. Hopefully it will stay at the pace its going but time will surely tell. My belly button has not quite popped yet but I'm betting it wont be much longer before it does!

25 1/2 weeks!

More to come! :)