Sunday, April 24, 2011

22 Weeks

Well, I am past the half-way point now and still feeling pretty good to say the least. My belly is definitely growing, and I am finally starting to FEEL pregnant! The last couple of appointments have been well, besides my blood pressure. I have been going into the Doctor weekly because of it. BUT, have no fear, it's only high WHILE I am at the Doctor. I have been taking it at home daily and not one time has it had a high reading other than when they take it at the Doctor. Who knows why this is, but so far they haven't felt the need to do anything about it thus far. They typically would be giving me some blood pressure medication, but seeing as it is only high while I am at the Doctor, it would crash my blood pressure which definitely wouldn't be good either. SO, we have just been going to the Doctor more frequently than we would like to be going. But hey, at least I get to hear the heartbeat weekly. That is definitely a plus to it:)

Well, baby is now the size of a potato as of tomorrow. Kinda crazy to think how big he grows from week to week. I have been feeling baby kick since about 17 weeks, but now Dustin gets to enjoy that pleasure with me and it is by far my favorite part of pregnancy! I feel him consistently every day which is such a reassurance that I look forward to daily. It's amazing how much I love this little guy already and it really grows more and more everyday. I sometimes get scared of the thought of motherhood, but I feel more and more little things seem to come as a natural motherly instinct as I go through researching all the different things I need to be researching to prepare for this little guy.


  1. hott mama!!!! You are gorgeous and I love your baby bump! I am glad all is well and healthy:)

  2. Love your comment are BEAUTIFUL jessi...i am looking forward to lil Cayson making grandbaby#9.......loves ma

  3. You are such a pretty little Momma! Can't wait to welcome little Dusty bottoms into the world. Love you guys lots.

  4. Aww what a CUTE mama! I bet the blood pressure is up due to nervousness each appt. do u get doctor anxiety? I once had high blood pressure and it was due to stress right before I came. Love ya sis. good idea taking your blood pressure at home too!